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Candidates Profiles

Jason Falinski - For Mayor and Ward A

Born and raised in Terrey Hills.

"Warringah Council has an historic opportunity to manage its affairs in a way that leaves those who come after us better off than we are today. But everywhere you look our lifestyle is under threat, whether from the State Government’s new development laws, or under funding of essential infra structure like the Spit Bridge, or neglect of important issues such as reducing graffiti. This election is an opportunity to shine a light on all these issues, and get on with doing something about resolving them."

Career History

  • Managing Director, CareWell Health
  • Group Executive, Strategy and M&A, Insurance Australia Group
  • Senior Manager, Credit Union Service Corporation

Involvement in Community Groups

  • Director, Australia Asia Young Leaders Program
  • Director, Woollahra Waverley Arts Centre
  • National President, Young Liberal Movement


  • Master of Business Administration (AGSM)
  • Graduate Diploma Applied Finance and Investment (Securities Institute)
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (Sydney University)

Leanne Spratt - A Ward

"As someone who has worked in the health care industry for close to two decades, I am glad to be part of a team that is thinking proactively about how to build better suburbs for all of us, and are opposed to over development laws."

Career History

  • Director, Consumer Healthcare, Asia Pacific, Schering-Plough
  • Marketing & Business Development, Stryker South Pacific
  • Director Consumer Healthcare, Pharmacia
  • Marketing & Business Development, Wyeth


  • Master of Business Marketing (UTS)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (UWS)

Pat Daley - B Ward

"Living in Warringah means that our families have the potential to have an enviable lifestyle. Council needs to work with police in developing crime prevention strategies to protect our families and our property. We need to keep Warringah safe and secure. "

"We need to deal with social problems in our community from which even Warringah is not exempt. Alcohol-induced violence at Manly is a real concern. We need to consider the social issues for young people. We need to curb anti-social behaviour and address social isolation."


We now have the squeezed generation; those of us who are caring for or supporting elderly parents while at the same time helping our children with their children. We need to help lonely people, combat depression and help the less fortunate.

Career History

  • Media Director, Salvation Army
  • Deputy Chief of the Police Crime Prevention Unit

Involvement in Community Groups

  • Host of Police File on Channel Ten
  • Author of The Neighbourhood Prevention Hand Book
  • Member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia
  • Awarded Centenary Medal by the Governor General
  • Awarded National Police Medal
  • Former Honorary Member of National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN)

Kieron Treasure - B Ward

Local politics is about local issues. A common sense response to everyday problems is what I would like to see from my councillors and that is what I will endeavour to deliver if elected. A long term local resident with two school age children.

I have been actively involved with local school and sporting bodies. I have heard all the issues, some big and some small, some slightly frivolous and some vitally important but all are important to a concerned person at the time and all deserve the courtesy of a hearing.

There are too many areas of concern to list them all but like Pat Daley subjects of particular concern to me are alcohol abuse and vandalism and appreciation of the problems faced by the aged and impoverished in our community.

Narelle Diamond - B Ward

"It is with great pleasure that I can call myself 'a local' having had the good fortune to call Freshwater my home for the past 38 years. During that time, I have witnessed first hand the changing demographics and dynamics of the area. As a local I have discussed with other concerned residents those issues impacting on our electorate. Accordingly, I have a good appreciation of those local community views and opinions which affect the Warringah area. These local issues and needs of our community are my priority. I wish to give back to the community which has given me so much during my 38 years as a resident."

"As a sole parent, I have had the privilege of raising my two boys at Harbord Primary School and later at Manly High School and Freshwater High. My boys were engaged in a number of both local and representative sporting clubs and definitely had an affinity with Freshie Beach."

"My claim to fame is being a Mum and an Auntie Rel and revelling in their love and support."

Career History

I have worked for a number of large organisations within the Warringah area and currently commute to the City where I work in the area of policies & procedures for National Payroll Systems Talent2.

I previously worked for The Association for Payroll Specialists. I have had achieved over 40 years experience in the payroll industry gaining the Payroll Managers Certificate- Macquarie Uni- and CPS (Certified Payroll Specialists)

Jose Menano - Ward C

"The forthcoming Council elections are critical to the Warringah Residents. Not only have the People of Warringah not been democratically represented for almost 6 years, but Local Government in general is under attack by the State Labor Government.

A strong, united and determined Council is imperative; in order to fairly represent the local people and its aspirations; a Council composed of business experienced Councillors, ensuring that Warringah Council becomes an efficient and responsive Service Organisation!

I feel passionately about the Northern Peninsula and Warringah and would like to play a part in maintaining it as the best place to live and raise a family.

Personal & Career History

  • Married, one adult daughter
  • Resident, Frenchs Forest for 25 years
  • 20-year international career with IBM, Sperry Univac, Prime Computer and Fujistu
  • Founding partner and Executive Director of company specialising in database systems, responsible for strategic planning and development

Involvement in Community Groups

  • Member, Executive of the Frenchs Forest (South) Action Group
  • Representative of State Member for Davidson, Warringah Council Traffic Committee.
  • Member of Belrose Bowling Club and Forestville RSL
  • Member of The Forest Branch of the Liberal Party


  • BCompSc (Hon) (UMIST- University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Honours Graduate Member of Australian Computer Society (MACS) and British Computer Society (MBCS)

John Bracey - C Ward

"I intend to ensure that our new Council creates:
  • more parking facilities for the ageing and disabled,
  • investigates the spending by council on a proper needs basis, and
  • investigates the costs of council works ie humps and roundabouts etc."

Career History

  • Private Investigator since 1975.
  • President Australian Institute of Private Detectives since 1992.
  • Prepared defence briefs in the Mr Bubbles case, Kalajzich section 475 appeal and the Barry Morris case.

Community Groups

  • Australian Institute of Private Detectives.
  • Member of the Forest Branch of the NSW Liberal Party.
  • Justice of the Peace


  • Educated In UK Resided in Australia since 1966.
  • Qualifications National Investigation Services.
  • National Practicing Certificate in Insurance, intellectual Property, Common Law, Child protection, Criminal, Fraud, Commercial & Industrial and Family Law

Kylar Loussikian - C Ward

I have grown up not knowing what real role a council should play. It’s time that Warringah Council is seen in the community, ensuring that we have the say in how our suburbs, beaches and community are run. The council should focus on transport solutions and local planning matters. At the same time, I think it is important that the council has boundaries – protecting and promoting the local area, but not becoming overbearing and interfering.

Objectives for the 2008 – 2012 Term

  • Ensure that bureaucrats in the Department of Planning don’t have control of local planning decisions – but streamlining planning approval so it is easier for basic extensions and changes in residential areas.
  • Keeping Warringah Council levies low by ensuring that needless public works are not undertaken.

Personal & Career History

  • Frenchs Forest resident for 19 years.
  • Currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Arts at the University Of New South Wales.
  • Volunteer at Northside Broadcasting in Chatswood and Eastside Radio in Paddington.
  • Member of The Forest Branch of the Liberal Party

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